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OneAnabolic Steroind Online
OneAnabolic Steroind Online
Halotestin tablets 10 mg price

Halotestin tablets 10 mg price

halotestin price in india


Ingredient: Fluoxymesterone
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Price: $1.63
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Dragon Pharma's Halotest is a steroid with the most powerful anabolic (20 times stronger than testosterone) and androgenic (8.5 times stronger) activity. Halotest is taken orally, contributes to a significant increase in strength indicators, has a fat burning effect. The active substance is fluoxymesterone. Initially, the drug was produced to treat delayed puberty and hypogonadism in men, as well as breast cancer in women. Now the steroid is not used in medicine.

halotestin tablets price

Fluoxymesterone and, in particular, Halotest, are in demand among athletes in the final period of preparation for the competition. It is used not only to increase strength and muscle relief, but also to increase the level of motivation and aggression. There are still no reliable studies that would fully explain the mechanism of action of fluoxymesterone, however, it is believed to have a non-receptor effect on muscles. Halotest does not have a conversion to estrogens, but very strongly suppresses the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. Highly toxic to the liver.


Halotest action

  1. Instant increase in the level of aggression and motivation.
  2. Increased stiffness, density and drawing of muscle fibers.
  3. Increased hemoglobin synthesis and erythropoietin production.
  4. Pronounced fat burning properties.


Fluoxymesterone is a modification of testosterone. The substance in its structure is very similar to methyltestosterone, but it is many times more powerful in terms of exposure. Modification was carried out in three positions: 11-beta-hydroxy-group, 17-alpha-methyl and 9-fluorogroup. The change pursued several goals at once: prolonging the half-life of the drug, eliminating its destruction during the first passage through the liver, preventing aromatization, and increasing androgenic activity.

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How to take Halotest

The daily dose is 10 milligrams. Experienced athletes can increase the dosage to 15-20 milligrams, but in no case more. The duration of the test is 4-6 weeks. The specific properties of Halotest made it popular in hockey, boxing, wrestling, athletics. It is not recommended to take the drug during the training cycle - more gentle means for the body are used for this. Halotest can be combined with testosterone esters or nandrolone.


  • halotestin price in india
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  • halotestin meditech

Women should not even figure out how to take Halotest - it is better to use other drugs.

halotestin meditech


Side effects

If you exceed the dosage or duration of the course, side effects from Halotest are likely to make themselves felt. We repeat once again that the drug is very powerful and requires application that does not go beyond the recommendations. The most common side effects of halotest are an increase in hairline, oily skin and acne, a strong suppression of the production of own testosterone, excessive aggression, frequent erections and other signs of sexual stimulation, problems with the prostate gland, oligospermia.