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OneAnabolic Steroind Online
Buy Peptide ACE-031 1 mg (1 vial) Sinoway

Buy Peptide ACE-031 1 mg (1 vial) Sinoway

Buy Peptide ACE-031 1 mg (1 vial) Sinoway


Ingredient: Myostatin inhibitor ACE-031
Manufacturer: Sinoway
Category: Peptides
ACE-031 1 mg (1 vial)
Item price: $117.00


ACE-031 (ActRIIB-HFC, ACVR2B) is an experimental promising drug with a polypeptide structure (368 amino acid residues), designed to accelerate muscle growth. This effect is achieved by blocking myostatin (a protein that blocks muscle growth and contributes to their destruction), thus preventing its effect on the ActRIIB receptor.



It was developed for the treatment of muscular dystrophy by Acceleron Pharma. And 10 years ago in 2008, the first phase of clinical trials was conducted to identify the health of the drug, its direct and indirect properties, positive and negative effects on the body. To be precise, in 2008 a placebo-controlled experiment was conducted to identify the safety and speed of distribution and metabolization of the studied polypeptide.


Before clinical trials, experimental studies were conducted on mdx mice, after which there was evidence that there is an intense effect on the development of animal muscle fibers.

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As a result of the first phase of experimental studies in humans, the safety and efficacy of ACVR2B has been proven. Even a single injection of the drug in the appropriate dosage caused hypertrophy of muscle fibers and increased bone density. The second stage of the research was aimed at identifying the safety, effectiveness and tolerability of the drug in patients with muscular dystrophy, after which promising results were obtained: hypertrophy of muscle fibers, growth of muscle strength and their functionality.

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The described peptide promotes hypertrophy of muscle fibers and, accordingly, increase strength by preventing the effects of myostatin (GDF-8) on its own receptor on the cell surface. ACE-031 itself is a recombinant polypeptide compound in structure identical to the ActRIIB receptor (to which myostatin can attach), to the molecule of which the antibody is attached.


Thus, we obtain an ActRIIB receptor with an antibody that can freely move through the bloodstream and bind to myostatin protein, thereby preventing the action of myostatin on real receptors on the surface of cell membranes, in the absence of the inhibitory effect of the GDF-8 protein, muscles are not limited in growth and can increase significantly.

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  • completely safe for people;
  • binds myostatin protein, thereby preventing its effect on the ActRIIB receptor;
  • removes the restriction imposed by myostatin on muscle growth;
  • increases muscle mass (at a dosage of 1 microgram per 1 kilogram of body weight, muscle growth was 5.2%);
  • increases strength by increasing the cross section of muscle fiber;
  • increases bone density (at a dosage of 1 μg per 1 kg of mass and above).


The duration of the polypeptide course is 10 days, after which it is necessary to take a break of 10 days. Reception is carried out once a day, either in the morning immediately after waking up, or before bedtime. The dosage is 1-3 μg per 1 kg of body weight, it is advisable to start with a minimum dose of 1 μg per 1 kg of body weight and, in the absence of side effects, increase the dosage.

peptides acvr2b (ace-031) 1 mg

It should be noted that the drug is best diluted with bactericidal water, since the benzyl alcohol in the composition will extend the life of the drug by killing all bacteria. Storage of the peptide should take place in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius, the drug cannot be frozen, nor can it be exposed to sunlight.

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The specificity of ACE-031 intake (10 days after 10 days) suggests that it can be perfectly combined with other anabolics, cycling ACE-031 at a dose of 1-3 μg per 1 kg of body weight is 10 days, and 10 days of rest take SARM from it (for example, Ligandrol 1 capsule per day). Or replace SARM with Phantom prohormones 1 capsule one hour after breakfast and 1 capsule one hour after lunch.


ACE-031 at a dose of 1-3 μg per 1 kg of body weight for 10 days, and 10 days of rest to take growth hormone 5 PIECES in the morning and 5 PIECES in the evening, thus it is possible to obtain lean muscle mass without any side effects.