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OneAnabolic Steroind Online
OneAnabolic Steroind Online
Buy Peptide BPC 157 5 mg Pentadecapeptide Sinoway

Buy Peptide BPC 157 5 mg Pentadecapeptide Sinoway

Buy Peptide BPC 157 5 mg Pentadecapeptide Sinoway


Ingredient: Pentadecapeptide
Manufacturer: Sinoway
Category: Peptides
BPC 157 5 mg 1 vial 
Item price: $29.00

Short description:

It has a powerful regenerative effect, accelerates wound healing, eliminates pain in muscles and joints, restores damaged tissues and tendons.


Full description:

Peptide BPC-157

Dilute the drug is strongly recommended bactericidal water.


BPC-157 (Body Protection Compound 157, laboratory code PL 14736) is a synthetic peptide consisting of 15 amino acids. It is a derivative of the protein that is contained in the gastric juice and acts as a regulator of the antiulcer protective mechanisms of the digestive system. BPC-157 has a powerful regenerative effect and is used to treat inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach ulcers, pancreas, the healing of damaged tissues (muscle, mucous membranes, bones, teeth), and the elimination of joint pain. Excellent results have been shown by this peptide in the treatment of tendons.

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Studies of the peptide BPC-157

In vitro studies have shown that BPC-157 increases extracorporeal migration of fibroblasts and increases the likelihood of cell survival in an oxidative process.

The main properties of the drug

Increases anti-inflammatory properties of the body.
Accelerates wound healing and restoration of damaged tissues and ligaments.
Beneficial effect on the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, liver.
It has no side effects.


Sports application

Peptide BPC-157 helps to eliminate muscle pain, repair damaged tissues and tendons. This is due to the effect of this peptide on the process of angiogenesis (the process of creating new blood vessels in an organ or tissue, during which the primary capillary network is reorganized).

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How to apply

Injections of BPC-157 are given subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The drug is recommended to be administered as close to the damaged area as possible. These methods of administration will help the peptide get into operation as quickly as possible and accelerate healing.

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Injection is carried out 1 time per day. The dosage of the drug is 10 mcg / 1 kg of weight. The duration of the course is an average of 4-6 weeks.


Please note that the application scheme is individual and depends on the injury, stress, age of the athlete. Our consultant will help you to create an individual regimen for the purchase of the drug.

How to breed

The drug is diluted with bactericidal water or water for injection. The water added to the bottle should drain along the wall of the bottle. By rotational movements we achieve the dissolution of the substance in water. Shaking the bottle is forbidden!


The diluted peptide should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 2 ° C to + 6 ° C. Shelf life without loss of effectiveness, subject to dilution with bactericidal water, is 2-3 weeks.

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Legality for sports

The drug is not prohibited by WADA and USADA.

How long to wait for the effect

The drug shows a therapeutic effect from the first day of use. Please note that corticosteroids reduce the effectiveness of BPC-157.

Side effects

The BPC-157 peptide has no side effects.