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OneAnabolic Steroind Online
OneAnabolic Steroind Online
Buy Rimobolan 100 mg Methenolone Enanthate

Buy Rimobolan 100 mg Methenolone Enanthate

Bayer Schering Pharma Rimobolan is an injectable steroid that is effective for drying and muscle growth. The active substance has methenolone enanthate, a steroid with prolonged action (up to 15-16 days), moderate anabolic and decreased androgenic properties (88% and 44% of endogenous testosterone, respectively).


Rimobolan 100 mg FOR ATHLETES

Structurally, Rimobolan is an oil-based methenolone enanthate for injection, a chemically derivative of dihydrotestosterone, comparable in action to drostanolone or described as a milder nandrolone. Not aromatizing, as a result, not provoking fluid retention.

Rimobolan is especially effective for high-quality muscle growth - it is used on drying by experienced and novice athletes; even by athletes, since it does not have pronounced androgenic activity (in moderate doses it does not provoke the development of side effects of virilization: acne, hairiness, sweating, increased aggression, coarsening of the voice, and others).

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In general, it belongs to the number of practically harmless steroids, if not overused. And thanks to a wide range of actions, it is relevant literally for any discipline requiring high physical fitness, including athletics, bodybuilding, martial arts, skiing and triathlon. But it is important to remember the timing of the detection of the steroid, which is at least 5 weeks (according to other sources, it can be detected up to six months after injection).


Reviews Rimobolan from Baer Schering Pharma are described exclusively laudatory as a drug that is not inferior in quality or superior to most analogues. The statements also note that the anabolic effect is quite mild, and the risks of estrogenic, progestogen and androgenic side effects are almost absent, but the possibility of their development cannot be completely ruled out (in particular, abuse of the drug may increase irritability and aggression, sweating, insomnia, decreased testosterone production and some other violations).

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COURSE Rimobolan 100 mg

The main advantages for which the drug is highly appreciated by sports enthusiasts and professionals are: non-aromatization, lack of water retention and minimal side effects, minimal kickback, fat burning, excellent compatibility with almost any other steroid relevant for sports use, from oxandrolone to oxymetholone .

The course of use of Rimobolan is usually carried out for a long time - on average within 6-10 weeks, which for most people are more than enough to show the full range of effects of the drug.


The average dosage of Rimobolan for sports purposes is 200-600 mg per week, divided by several administrations on different days (for example, 200 mg on Monday and Friday). But athletes are recommended reduced amounts - 50-100 mg per week, so as not to provoke virilization (androgenization of the body).

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Examples of combined courses:

Rimobolan course + oxandrolone preparation (Oxandrol-10, Anavarged and other trademarks) - for women and for drying. The course lasts 8 weeks.

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Rimobolan course + oxandrolone preparation (Oxandrol-10, Anavarged or similar) + boldenone preparation (Boldabol 300, Boldoject 200 or similar) - for drying for beginners. Duration of the course - 10 weeks + 3 weeks of release + 3 weeks of post-cycle therapy to avoid consequences.

Course of use Rimobolan + Trenbolone Acetate (Trenbolone 75, Trenohed or similar) + Testosterone Propionate or Phenylpropionate (PharmaTest-P, PharmaTest-PH or similar) - for drying athletes. Course duration - 8 weeks + 2 weeks for exit + 3 weeks for post-cycle therapy.

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BUY Rimobolan 100 mg

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