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OneAnabolic Steroind Online
OneAnabolic Steroind Online
Peptide TB 500 Thymosin Beta 4

Peptide TB 500 Thymosin Beta 4

Peptides TB 500 Thymosin Beta 4


Ingredient: Thymosin Beta 4
Manufacturer: Sinoway
Category: Peptides
B 500 Thymosin Beta 4 (1 vial)
Item price: $36.00


Description of the drug TB-500 2mg

TB-500 is a synthetic version of the natural peptide found in all human and animal cells, thymosin beta 4 (TB4).

This is the key and first peptide in the processes:

Differentiation of endothelial cells (blood vessels).


Angiogenesis (the growth of new blood cells from existing vessels) in dermal tissues.
The movement of keratinocytes.
Obstructing collagen deposition.
Reduces the risk of inflammation.

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The use of TB-500 provides a number of advantages for improving speed and power endurance. Tests conducted by leading world trainers on winning horses (both sexes) had a huge impact on the competition results. They wanted to achieve such achievements in the world of horse racing for a long time.

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These tests, along with clinical tests, showed the following advantages associated with the use of TB-500 mares and stallions, the drug:

  1. Increased muscle growth with a huge increase in stamina and strength;
  2. Weakens muscle spasm;
  3. Improving muscle tone;
  4. Increased metabolism between cells;
  5. Accelerated tissue repair;
  6. Maintaining flexibility;
  7. Stretches connective tissue;
  8. Decreased tissue inflammation;
  9. Activates nutritional components;
  10. Prevents adhesions and fibrous ligaments in muscles, ligaments and tendons.
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In the era of competition, the participants of which wish to obtain competitive advantages through the use of various medications, none of the drugs can give a result equal to the effectiveness of TB-500. Perhaps the most important factor in the popularity of this drug is that it is 100% drug-free and is not recognized by the doping test. This allows you to use the peptide during short-distance races, during training and competitions - the drug does not contain any prohibited substances.


Conclusion. The potential of this peptide is quite high. Each athlete constantly receives microtraumas (and not only micro) in training, as a result, the body experiences great stress every day, so the healing properties of this peptide are of great interest to the entire sports community. TV500 can become one of the most popular peptides for bodybuilders and athletes, and also has great potential for the medical community.