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OneAnabolic Steroind Online
OneAnabolic Steroind Online
Suspension 100 mg 10 ml (1 vial) Maha Pharma

Suspension 100 mg 10 ml (1 vial) Maha Pharma

Testosterone Suspension Description

Suspension of testosterone differs from other testosterones with an ether chain in that only pure testosterone does not contain an ether residue and, accordingly, 100 mg of pure testosterone per 1 ml of substance.
This drug is suitable for those athletes who want to increase muscle mass and strength indicators in a short period of time, the effect of the drug is felt half an hour after the injection. It is suitable for drying and for gaining muscle mass.



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Testosterone suspension active ingredient

This drug is synthetic testosterone, which does not have a single ether residue, and therefore it exerts its effect immediately after the first injection of the drug.

Testosterone suspension action

Half an hour after the injection, the drug enters the bloodstream and increases testosterone levels by 100-200% and even more, it all depends on the dosage administered, it affects muscle growth in an average of six weeks, weight gain increases by four kilograms.

testosterone suspension results

Testosterone suspension how to take

The drug can be used for drying and giving muscle rigidity and relief and for gaining lean muscle mass.

50 mg of testosterone suspension every other day, this is enough to increase muscle mass by 2-4 kilograms and increase strength, a course of 6 weeks.

50 mg of testosterone suspension every other day and 50 mg of stanozolol per day will dry your muscles for 2-4 kilograms and make them venous and stiff, a course of 6 weeks.


100 mg of testosterone suspension every other day and 50 mg of methandrostenolone per day and 100 mg of masteron every other day on this course you will gain from 4-8 kilograms of muscle mass, a course of 8 weeks.

100 mg of testosterone suspension every day and 100 mg of anapolone per day and 100 mg of trenbolone acetate every other day and 100 mg of masteron per day will increase high-quality muscle mass by 6-10 kg, a course of 8 weeks.

testosterone suspension half life


Testosterone suspension effect
This drug has a positive effect on the muscles and bone tissue, consider all the positive effects of the drug.

  1. It accelerates the restoration of muscle tissue, muscles are completely restored in 20 hours
  2. Increases appetite
  3. Enhances potency
  4. Increases Stamina
  5. Increases strength by 10kg in basic movements in two weeks
  6. Accelerates protein synthesis
  7. Helps to burn fat for 1-3kg per week
  8. Speeds up metabolism
  9. Testosterone suspension after course therapy

To help the body accelerate the production of its own testosterone, you need to use tamoxifen in a 20 mg dosage for two months, during which time it will increase its own testosterone by 200%.

Testosterone suspension side effects

Most often, side effects occur only at elevated dosages of the drug, consider below all possible side effects.

- increase pressure
- 60% cessation of own testosterone production
- Headache
- Change in liver enzymes
- Rapid heart rate
- sweating

Testosterone Suspension Contraindications

The drug should not be taken for people with diabetes, with heart disease, with liver damage, with prostate cancer and who have individual contraindications to the use of the drug.