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OneAnabolic Steroind Online
OneAnabolic Steroind Online
Buy Proviron 25 mg (20 tabs) Bayer

Buy Proviron 25 mg (20 tabs) Bayer

Proviron refers to synthetic steroids with high androgenic (150% of their own testosterone) and fairly low anabolic (40% of male hormone) activity indexing. Bred by the synthesis of dihydrotesterone and is its derivative. The duration of Proviron is about 12 hours.

Despite the fact that the synthesized substance has a high anabolic degree, Proviron did not include this factor in its production. For this reason, this tool is rarely included in hormone replacement therapy.

Nevertheless, it is often used by athletes involved in power sports as a means of suppressing aromatase enzymes, which leads to the possibility of avoiding the manifestations of negative effects on the body during the use of steroids associated with the conversion of the natural “test” to estradiol (female hormones). It should be noted that the manifestation of this property is insignificant and antiestrogens, nevertheless, will have to be taken.

Some believe that the drug is able to inhibit inhibition of endogenous hormones during consumption and upon completion of it. But so far this remains only an assumption. Therefore, do not neglect the means that suppress the effects of estrogen.


It is proved that this androgen has an inhibitory effect on globulin, which binds sex hormones and helps to increase the concentration of substances in the blood, enhancing their effectiveness. Does not have the ability to regenerate the level of natural "test".

The production of this pharmacological product is carried out by many well-known world pharmaceutical companies with a difference in brand and concentration of active substance per unit, as well as in price. The release of Proviron, as a rule, is carried out in tablet form at 25, 50 mg. The active substance in it is Mesterolone.

You can buy Proviron in an online pharmacy without a prescription.

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Properties and effects of Proviron

  • Helps to increase sexual desire (libido), improves potency;
  • Increases muscle hardness and texture. This is due to its frequent use by bodybuilders;
  • Able to increase the number and improve the quality of sperm;
  • Aromatase blocker;
  • Increases the coefficient of free "test" in the bloodstream.


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How to take Proviron

Proviron is intended for use among men, it is not advisable for women to take it, as it is able to develop virilization, which is characterized by the manifestation of male signs (physique, increased body hair, voice).
Men, however, should be consulted by a doctor before starting a reception and undergo a complete medical examination and pass appropriate tests, throughout the process to monitor hormonal balance.

Proviron is taken orally. The recommended dose is 50 milligrams per day, which follows two meals after eating food. In rare cases, a daily dosage of 100 mg is allowed. Exceeding the maximum dose can not only not achieve the desired expected effect, but act opposite to expectations. The course of administration varies from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the individual indications and the established goal. In order to avoid negative phenomena, it is not necessary to exceed the maximum established levels.

If a woman still decided to use this product, her daily dose should not exceed 25 mg.

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Combination of Proviron

The most common and effective in suppressing estrodiol is a combination with Tamoxifen (daily proportion - 50 mg of Proviron and 20 mg of Nolvadex).

Side effects

  1. Oily skin and acne.
  2. Increased hair growth throughout the body and face.
  3. Hair loss on the head.
  4. In women, virilization.
  5. Atherosclerosis.
  6. Cardiovascular deformity.
  7. Prolonged erection, causing pain.